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Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Annual Plans Available.

Rates as low as a penny per ad.

Call for a quote or email us at putmeon@mindsight.tv.


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Things to Consider When Designing Your Ad.....

-- What is the point? What do you want the public to know about you once they see your ad? Once you answer that question, then ask yourself, "What's the easiest way to get that information across to the public?" The simplest ideas are often the most effective.
-- Less Is More. The ads are on the signs for 8 seconds at a time. Give your audience enough time to not only read the ad, but to re-read if necessary. Allow some time for your message to sink in. The more information you try to include, the less chance that any information will be retained by the people viewing your ad. What does that mean to you? Less Words for More Impact.
-- Should your phone number be in the ad? Many people automatically put their phone number in an ad when, in reality, it doesn't always need to be there. Typically, people will remember words more than the phone number. So think about how important the space that you have is & if the phone number is a necessity. If you have a taxi service or a towing company then your phone number is practically essential to include in your advertising. And if your phone number spells something, it may have a greater chance of being remembered (something like 724-463-MIND). But consider some other cases. If you're advertising an event, do you need people to call you before they show up? If you're having a sale on a product, do they need to contact you before coming in? It's never "wrong" to include your phone number in your ad, but always ask yourself the key question: Is your phone number more important than the other information that would be able to fit on the sign without the number there?
-- A picture is worth a thousand words. What information can you get across to the public with an image instead of words? Can you put your company logo in your ad instead of writing out your name? How about a picture of the product or service that you're selling? Images not only cut down on how many words you need, but they make your ad more appealing to the eye.
(Some images appear better than others on our signs. We'll be happy to hear your ideas, see what you've got, and help you get the best result.)