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The Flat, Flexible Light Bulb
CeeLite flat flexible lighting can take illumination to places it wasn't able to go before. It's practically paper thin & can be rolled up and taken anywhere, making it an excellent solution for trade shows & presentations. Perfect for use in mobile applications as well. Just plug into the cigarette lighter. For backlighting, branding, and many more applications, there's just nothing else like it. Click Here for more details on this incredible new product!!

Banners, Magnetic Signs and More -- Tell Them Who You Are & What You Do!!

Photo Artwork Banner

Photographic / Digital Banners
Indoor / Outdoor Use
Sizes from 3' x 5' to 10' x 50'
$179 for single 3' x 5' plus art fee

What do you want your customers to see? Your logo? Your face? Your phone number? Your slogan? A picture of your products?
Are you wanting to put your name and number on your fleet of vehicles or do you want to tell people about your next big sale?

We can have our vendor custom design your next Banner, Magnetic Sign, Hardboard Sign (like a realtor's yard sign), or Digital Decal. Available in different sizes depending on your space, chosen sign type, and desired final outcome, these signs & banners will catch the eye and "get the word out" about your business.

For a small Artwork Fee (typically $30) you can have professionally designed signage for your business. For quantity orders, the artwork fee will be waived.

Talk to us about what you want the public to see & know and we'll help you make an impression.
Photographic Magnetic Sign

Photographic Magnetic Signs
12" x 24" or 12" x 36"
As Low As $50/ea. plus art fee
(minimum order - 2 signs)

BetaBrite Prism Programmable LED Sign -- What Do You Want To Say Today?

Programmable Color LED Sign
You've seen these signs before. Usually in red or amber, scrolling the daily special, the featured product, a welcome or a seasonal greeting. They've been around for a while.
The BetaBrite Prism represents the next generation in this technology. You now have access to 64 colors instead of one, along with the ability to program the sign with your PC or via IR Remote Keyboard (keyboard, software, connectivity cables all included).

At 26" wide, 3.8" high, and only 1" deep (and weighing only 1 1/2 lbs.), this sign can be placed in many different locations that will allow it to tell your customers what you want them to hear. Able to do both text and graphics, the sign can hold up to 65 different messages. Should you experience a blackout, the sign will keep your messages in its memory for up to a month without power.

What do you want to say? Start saying it today with the BetaBrite Prism -- $299.99 plus shipping

LED "OPEN" Signs -- Draw the Eye, Draw the Customer!

Red and Blue LED Open Sign
Don't have much space for a sign? This is your solution. Measuring only 12 3/4" wide by 5 3/4" high, it won't take up much room but it will be very visible to your customers. Features eight different display options including flashing & scrolling patterns.

SMALL LED OPEN SIGN -- $99.99 plus shipping

Oval LED Open Sign

This oval-shaped sign is sure to catch the eye of your customers. High visibility, long life (LEDs can withstand usage of 100,000 hours or more), and low power consumption. 27" wide by 15" high, the red lettering and blue chasing lights will let them know you're there. Made in the U.S.A.

OVAL LED OPEN SIGN -- $129.99 plus shipping

C-9 Light Strings - Set Your Building Apart From The Rest!

White 1000' C-9 Spool
Gold C-9 Bulbs

While you may see these lights and think "Christmas", these lights can be used year round to set your business apart. You can outline your building to highlight it among the surroundings or use these lights to provide soft lighting for entry areas, etc.

Available in premade kits of 25', 50', 100', or for more flexibility, on spools of 1000' (for custom length wiring). Whatever your desired "mood" or application, you can make it happen with your choice of lengths, colors, mounting style, etc.

Talk to us about how to set your business apart!

Green 1000' C-9 Spool
Clear C-9 Bulbs

Digital Picture Frames -- Let Customers See Your Work!!

15 inch LCD Digital Picture Frame

PanDigital 15" Digital Frame
$349 plus shipping

When your customers walk into your office, a digital photo frame can serve as a moving portfolio of your projects or it can work as your catalog. Load in pictures and / or video that show the products you sell, the type of work you do, or whatever you wish to present to your customers.* It's eye-catching & provides another avenue for you to sell your business without saying a word....

Available in different screen sizes ranging from smaller (around 5"-7" diag.) to larger (around 13"-15" diag.). The size you choose depends on your budget, how far from the customers you expect the frame to be, etc. Different frames offer different features like built in speakers, Wi-Fi connectivity & communication, remote controls, etc. Storage capacity should also be considered (do you want to show 10 pictures in rotation or a 5 minute video?).

10 inch LCD Wireless Picture Frame

Kodak 10" Wireless Frame
$299 plus shipping
* - With the Digital Frame purchase you have the option of using our "Easy Way" service.
For an additional charge we'll take all the pictures you want, organize them, load them onto a memory card for you,
and set up your frame so it's all ready to go. Price of "Easy Way" service based on number of requested photos,
time & distance travelled to take pictures, and requested final outcome.

Customized Welcome Mats -- Another Way To Grow Your Brand!!

Flocked Fiber Custom Mat From Custom-Mats.com

Giving your business a more prominent & established look, these mats can be placed at your entryway, in front of your counter, or anywhere in your office. Your name and / or logo can be put on mats made from heavy-duty rubber, vinyl, carpet, and more. For indoor or outdoor use, there are many different sizes & styles available depending on your application & desired location.

Dyed Polypropylene Custom Mat From Custom-Mats.com

These are just a few of the products that we've found & think
could be useful in helping to make your business stand out.

Consider for yourself what can make your business different
from the rest & leave an impression on your customers.